Universal distributed open government data catalog?

How the interoperability of the different data katalogs could be done so that the the national, regional and independent catalogs could produce togeather a universal, but distributed open government data catalog?

We have a simple case here in Finland:

During this year 2010 probaply three new catalogs will open/evolve further:
1. National Official suomi.fi/datakatalogi
2. Regional (Helsinki capital city region)
3. Independent developer community catalog opengov.fi

How can we make sure that the catalogs work togeather between three of them and togeather with the rest of the catalogs?

From the EU PSI (Public Sector Information) directive papers I found this:
“Future revisions to the PSI Directive should require the development of PSI information asset registers using standard metadata. For the benefit of countries where standards for PSI asset registers are not yet developed, work on the development of pan-European standards for PSI asset registers should be supported and should take into account existing national initiatives.”


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