Helsinki City statistics opened for re-use

I make a favour for my friends from Forum Virium Helsinki and the international open data audience by making a rough translation of today’s press release [original can be found in Finnish from here]

Ville Meloni from Forum Virium speaking about the open data. Meloni is the project manager of the Helsinki Region Infoshare -project.

Ville Meloni from Forum Virium speaking about the open data. Meloni is the project manager of the Helsinki Region Infoshare -project.

Press release 18.08.2010
Helsinki Region Info Share project has taken a first and important step in opening up for re-use the statistical information of the Helsinki region.

The Helsinki City Information Centre and Forum Virium have opened the Helsinki City Statistical Yearbook 2009 for free and reusable form in internet. This is a kick-start for the co-operation project, which will open up quickly, statistical information resources in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

“Statistical Yearbook of the City of Helsinki is a city statistics classic. It has more than hundred years of tradition, during which its content has grown beside the urban development. It gives a good overall picture of Helsinki and its operating environment. The Yearbook also provides details, such as basic information about the neighborhoods or business sectors”
, says Leila Lankinen Information Service Manager Helsinki City Information Centre.

Timely statistics from Helsinki
Statistical Yearbook has comprehensive and timely statistical information about Helsinki and its inhabitants. Beside the Metropolitan area it also includes comparative data from other parts of the country, Scandinavian cities as well as Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and St. Petersburg.

Published data involves more than 300 tables from 15 different subject areas. The data reveals for example:

  • Population of Helsinki has grown 4.6 percent since 2000.
  • In 2008, 37 391 companies were active in Helsinki, out of which 83 percent were small (less than five employees).
  • A Helsinki dweller took an average 334 journeys by public transport, while the same figure in Tampere and Turku was approximately 120.
  • The year 2008 was in Helsinki so far the warmest in this decade. The highest temperature was 26.9 degrees. (editors note: This summer was A LOT warmer)

A new data source for ongoing Apps4Finland Contest
Helsinki City Information Center and Forum Virium want to contribute to the new services that will be developed around the open, royalty-free government data. The opened information is freely available for developers, as long as original source is acknowledged.

The meta data of the Helsinki City Statistical Yearbook will be published in portal, which has collected and listed number of other open government data sources from Finland. The statistics are available for this years Apps4Finland contest, which seeks new ways to use government data resources.

More information

Helsinki Region Info-Share Project:
Project Manager Ville Meloni, Forum Virium Helsinki
tel: +358 400 260 000
ville.meloni (at)

Helsinki City Statistical Yearbook:
Information Service Manager Leila Lankinen, Helsinki City Information Center
tel: +358 9 310 36 402
leila.lankinen (at)

Helsinki Region Info Share
Helsinki Region Info Share project will open the Helsinki region statistical information for the use of inhabitants, communities and other interested parties. Involved partners in the project are: Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa cities, Forum Virium Helsinki and the Finnish National Fund Sitra. The project is coordinated by the Helsinki City Information Center.

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