Open data panel at Slush Helsinki

[edit 22.10.2010 Video from the panel added to the end of the post]

One important group of people who are (and should be) interested in open data are the idea rich people in start-up companies.

Picture borrowed from the first Slush web-site

Picture borrowed from the first Slush web-site

Slush Helsinki is a annual lively entrepreneurship event in Helsinki with the attitude that ”If you can survive the winter slush in Finland you can do anything!”.

Slush 2010 brings together entrepreneurs and their business ideas, seasoned experts, angel investors, VC’s and this year also the open data developers for an intensive two day event.

I will be moderating Open Data Panel On thursday October 21st (1:00 pm – 2:00 pm) and I’m happy to announce the great panelists with whom I expect to have interesting session on Thursday:

See you on Thursday… there might be a web stream, but at least Twitter #slush10 is worth following.

By the way, Slush Helsinki 2008 was the first time that I pitched the idea of Fillarikanava (CyclingChannel)

Those who missed the live panel may still enjoy it thanks to Jarmo Lahti (@jal) who posted a video recording link to Qaiku.

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