Open Government Data progress in Finland

Most promising PSI / Open Data project in Filand: Helsinki Region Infoshare

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I haven’t been writing for a while, but luckily enough the the open data related progress has not stopped in Finland either. Ton Zijlstra asked on the EUOpenData mailing list about the most interesting developments regarding PSI/open data in different EU countries. Here is what I told about Finland.

Progress in policy:

In Finland we have parliament elections in April (17.4). The current government have a mention in their agenda about PSI: “The Government will give decisions which provide for the opening and availability of data in the possession of the public sector without compromising data security.”

The decision have been drafted in a working group led by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Currently the draft decision text can be commented (public consultancy) and hopefully the final version will get approved before this government term ends.

The decision lines the policy work related to PSI for the future, unfortunately the pricing issue is still very hard and the decision draft doesn’t say much about it. In other aspects the drafted decision is very promising.

Link to Finnish version of the draft decision and Google translated version in Google-English.

Other progress:

Helsinki Region Infoshare -project is doing good work. They are building regional data catalogue (based on CKAN) and publishing data sets (mostly statistics), they are building real show case applications of linked data and convincing the local authorities to open more data.

4 responses to “Open Government Data progress in Finland

  1. Hi,

    I think you need also mention National Land Survey and their free data sets: a href=”″> Just small scale (1:1M) datasets, but more than in other EU countries and less than Ordnance Survey in UK (UK is not part of EU ūüėČ

    NLS like to release more free datasets, but ministry of finance is last barrier.


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  3. Thanks Pekka for reminding me, that is important indeed. I take it as a good sign, that the development in PSI / Open data is so fast and happening in different sectors that I can’t stay on track of everything ūüôā

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