Day of the data journalism

Thursday 29.9. at Tampere, Finland

Data journalism -seminar in Finland, Tampere 29.9.2011

Real-time stream: The event will be streamed (Bambuser and Adobe Connect) in real-time. Participation links will be published at the event site and in Twitter #ddj and #datajournalismi.

Datajournalismin päivä (Day of the data journalism) will be the first large scale data journalism -seminar in Finland. The event brings togeather journalists, programmers, media businesses, researchers, students and people generally interested in the new trends in journalism and the use of open data.

Day of the data journalism aims to be the place for the Finnish data journalism community to meet in real life. The day is also included as part of two university courses (Aalto university and University of Tampere) and one open-for-everybody online couse on data journalism (organized by Otavan Opisto).

Theme and agenda
Theme of the day is “Municipal data and local journalism – municipal elections 2012”. The theme ties togeather the multiple sessions of the day. Hopefully also new data driven news concepts are developed for reporting about the Finnish municipal elections next year.

Most parts of the agenda are in Finnish, but the international audience may enjoy the English language mornig session 9:45 -10:45 (Finnish time EEST), including the talk of IBM’s data visualization expert Peter Bak the afternoon session with Chris Taggart. See the whole agenda here.

Story aquarium
During the day one team, including a journalist from the local news paper, programmers and data visualists, will be developing a data driven news story. The team will be working at the site, but in a separate room “aquarium”. After lunch and coffee brakes the audience will get short briefings on how the team is progressing in the actual data journalism work. The team will use screen scraped municipal data from the city of Tampere (unfortunately there is not yet open data published by the city) and other relevant data sources.

About data journalism:

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