Keywords for myself: cycling, cities, openess, open data, civil society, information society, government as a platform, capoeira, community…

I am Antti Poikola, an Open Data and Open Participation advocate from Finland. I am also a start-up entrepreneur and independent consultant at HILA Open Ltd.

In this blog I write mostly in English and mostly about topics related to Open Government Data and Information Society.

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I was the main author for the ‚ÄúPublic data ‚Äď an introduction to opening the information resources‚ÄĚ -guidebook (Poikola, Kola, Hintikka 2010) which was published by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur I used to work as a researcher in media technology at the Aalto University. I keep my CV updated at LinkedIn.

Below few more or less recent English presentations from my slideshare account:

Presentation at the Personal Democracy Forum Europe 5.10.2010, Barcelona

EPACE Active Citizenship Conference 10-11 June 2010, Helsinki, Finland

Presentation about Fillarikanava (Cycling Channel) city participation format that HILA Open LTD. has developed for the city of Helsinki